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Triumph Modular School Buildings Win MBI Award For Green & Temporary Classrooms

Triumph Modular is leading the way in changing the outdated popular notions about modular construction as being an inferior temporary space, by using cutting edge technology and design to construct high quality, efficient and truly green modular buildings. Triumph demonstrates its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of modular construction by taking on projects in sectors that need it the most, such as public schools.

With tight budgets, growing student populations and an urgent need for extra classroom space built within a short time frame, public schools are looking for solutions that are efficient, economical, high quality, and safe for students. Triumph has proven itself as a top expert in delivering such solutions, and has been recently recognized in the industry for its work.

The company received a prestigious “Best of Show” Award Award for its Newman Elementary School Project, in Needham MA, at the 2011, MBI (Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction Ceremony. Triumph won in both categories in which it competed: Green Building and Temporary Education over 10,000 ft.

The project demonstrated Architectural Excellence, Technical Innovation, Cost Effectiveness, Energy Efficiency, and Fast Completion, fulfilling all the criteria set forth and reviewed by MBI’s impartial panel of industry and non-industry construction and code experts, engineers, architects, and marketing professionals.

Scope of the Project

The Newman Elementary’s 35,620 sq. ft. modular complex is comprised of three separate buildings. Each of the 3 buildings has 10 classrooms, and the buildings are connected via a ramped corridor. In total, there are 38 modules, which include 30 classrooms, administration offices, and 3 multi-stall restrooms.

Demonstrated Green Benefits for Newman Elementary School

Triumph’s excellent work on the modular complex at Newman did not go unnoticed by either school staff or the parents. The school community was impressed with the high quality of the new building, and grateful to Triumph for its innovative approach, understanding of the school’s particular needs and efficient completion timeline. Parents described the classrooms as “spacious, bright, and exceeding all expectations”. The Principal commented that Triumph has done “amazing work” and created ” a beautiful space for our students”.

Superior Learning Environment

1. Floor, wall and ceiling systems in the new complex were specially designed to limit sound transfer between rooms and dampen sound reverberation.

2. Buildings were equipped with large, spacious windows, including 4’x6’ hopper windows and 6’ round diameter windows, made of low emissivity glass. These types of windows take maximum advantage of the natural daylight, while being sensitive to comfort and efficiency.

3. During the renovation, instruction continued in accordance to regular schedule, and students continued learning without any disruptions to their daily routine.

4. The surfaces, materials and colors used in interior spaces of the classrooms were designed to provide a fun, vibrant, and inspiring learning environment.

Health and Safety

1. Roof-mounted, Energence HVAC systems by Lennox were installed with energy recovery ventilators and UV light technology, which kills allergens, thereby reducing the health and safety concerns for students who suffer from allergies.

2. All surfaces and materials used throughout the complex were designed to promote health, functionality and hygienic ease of maintenance.

Speed of Construction

Triumph installed the modular building complex in less than 60 days. When the original renovation is completed, the school will have leased the relocatable school buildings for only 12-18 months.

Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

In constructing the modules for the school, Triumph implemented a number of green, energy efficient building methods and materials, thereby saving the school a considerable sum of money on its heating and cooling costs.

1. All three buildings have a high efficiency Lennox roof top with HVAC units. This earns the highest possible EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 17.

2. The building complex operates 20% more efficiently in terms of heating and cooling energy expenditures, than a typical code compliant building.

3. The windows are double insulated glass which mitigates unwanted heat less and keeps the building cool, reducing its dependence on the air conditioning system.

4. The insulation values and air barriers in the assemblies are superior to typical portable buildings, and exceed base code requirements by 20%.

5. Because of the all of the above elements, the buildings meet the requirements of the Mass “Stretch Energy Code”, which is an appendix to the 2009 Massachusetts State Building Code.